IQPOS is your total solution!

Running a business demands a lot of time and effort for your staff to be successful in today’s business environment. Technology has grown in leaps and bounds. IQPOS is designed by our team of experts to help your business run more efficiently. We are here for your needs.


Delivery with Google Maps

IQPOS Delivery system allows call in orders to be entered, accessed, processed and delivered quickly and effectively. Integrated Caller ID features ensure restaurant staff never miss customer information.


  • Multiple phone numbers and addresses can be stored under one account
  • Integrated with Google Maps
  • Clear view of delivery orders status: ready, on the road, closed, undelivered…
  • Easily dispatch drivers for delivery orders

qsrIQPOS Quick Service allows employees to quickly and accurately take orders as well as process payments on the same page. Menu items, payments and discounts are displayed on one screen to maximize the speed of service.


  • Simplified order taking – new employees learn faster and easier with IQPOS software so that customers keep coming back


Bar and Quick Bar

IQPOS Bar system supports Quick Bar setting for higher efficiency and productivity and increasing customer services. Open Tab is easy – simply swipe the credit card or enter the customers’ name.


  • Quick Bar – make ordering fast and easy by making beverage recipes available to your bartenders
  • Open Tab – search by name or order number, allowing you to easily manage numerous bar tabs
  • Order transfer – fast and efficient service is key to a POS system. IQPOS easily provides the total solution moving drink orders to the dine-in room and also splitting and combing orders


The IQPOS Dine In system provides a graphical table view and allows for multiple room management. Managing and maintaining tables with IQPOS is easy. Servers can check table status and tables can have a default number of guests to speed up the ordering process. Staff activities are more streamlined and managers are more informed on the dine-in room floor.


  • Graphical table management
  • Order by person to enhance table service
  • Able to hold orders for coursing until you are ready to fire up the order
  • Easily combine or split orders
  • Split payments by person or by average


Reservation and Waiting List

Managing and maintaining tables with IQPOS is easy. Servers can check when a table is clean and ready for new customers. Staff can send a text message to customers waiting for a table.


  • Send SMS to remind customer when the seat is ready
  • Assign date and time for reservation
  • Pre-order menu items and take deposit


Back Office

IQPOS is able to manage and display restaurant information.


Kitchen Display

IQPOS is able to manage and display kitchen layout information.